Ask forensics, a win/loss sales analysis company, came to id8 for a better way to explain their unique process to major corporations. The caliber of their clients is extremely high, so the presentation needed to represent the quality of service ask forensics provides, as well as explaining the valuable process they offer.

In the past, AskForensics had used multiple, in-depth paragraphs of text that prospects were not willing to read. Id8 art director Julie Cofer took the first step, creating a graphic to symbolize the process and a very simple way of utilizing the lens of the camera to depict the detail that the AskForensics team explores to get to the bottom of a win/loss analysis. When AskForensics CEO Rick Reynolds saw the graphic, he was blown away…and so were his clients. Today, AskForensics clients use this graphic to explain to others the process and how well the process performs for their companies.

Soon after, Rick came back to id8 for a website that would be equal to the level of creative that was demonstrated in the graphic—again, the goal was to explain a very complex process in a very simple way. The id8 team huddled and came up with a solution that again revolved around the detail that someone can see through the lens of the camera or through a magnifying glass.

The brand for AskForensics was born during this process and was followed by a brand-new color palette, new brand guidelines, and a new, responsive website that continued with the theme of the magnifying glass representing the thorough process that AskForensics uses. The branding also utilized graphic elements like thumbprints to support the idea that the company is always uncovering the truth. Rick says that this new website has helped to legitimize the business and get in the door of more corporate owners, giving him the opportunity to tell the story of how AskForensics differs from their competitors.

We have worked with id8 for several years and they are a great branding partner. id8’s fingerprints are pretty much on everything our prospects and clients see about us – our logo, brochure, web site, and even our deliverables.  Their work is edgy and for us that’s very important.

–Rick Reynolds, CEO AskForensics

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