This weekend, families across the nation will be soaking up sun, packing picnics, and going gaga over fireworks. Sunday is the fourth of July, and in addition to inhaling apple pies, citizens throughout the U.S. will take time to celebrate the brave individuals who fought for our freedom.

In honor of this year’s festivities, here are 5 fabulous state tourism logos:


Alabama’s state logo is both visually appealing and a crowd pleaser. Lynyrd Skynyrd reference? Yes please!


With fun bold colors and a dynamic design, it’s no surprise why Georgia’s on our mind!


Touché, Texas. Touché.


Whether you’ve visited Virginia or not, there’s no doubt you’ve seen this well known logo on bumper stickers and t-shirts.


Since the logo’s inception in the mid-70’s, this iconic design has become an American pop culture phenomenon. While there have been many knock offs throughout the years, INY will always be the original. We love New York and we adore this logo.

From all of us here at Sellier Design, we’d like to wish you a happy and safe Fourth of July.