While a well crafted logo can bring about tremendous brand awareness when unaltered, sometimes a refresh can be a good thing. Often times, the key is to insert subtle changes while maintaining the overall look and feel.

Looking for a few sources of inspiration? The following list demonstrates three examples of famous logos that have successfully updated their look.


Discovery Channel’s new design, which was crafted by Viewpoint Creative in Boston, provides a sleek and updated look with its switch from the Aurora Bold Condensed font to Gotham.  The globe’s connection to the d in discovery completes a very nice overall look.


While MTV’s logo makeover was minimal, the flexibility of the design’s message was increased. By dropping  the ‘music television’ line and transforming the M into a blank canvas, MTV can focus more on the reality aspect of its programming as well as insert channel stars into the design, thereby helping the logo to continually evolve as fast as music does.


It’s hard to ignore this powerhouse coffee shop Starbucks with a franchise on nearly every single corner. The old logo, which features a half nude siren framed by bland colors, was far from memorable. The updated look has ushered in a new era for the caffeine giant with a much more attractive mermaid in the center and an appealing green and black palette that pops.

What are some redesigns you’ve spotted that you’ve either loved or hated?

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