As the Internet has spurred an online revolution for consumer shopping, websites have become eminent for most businesses. So much so, that Search Engine Optimization has become a force of its own for businesses looking to gain more visibility on the World Wide Web. While small and large companies alike focus on metadata, link building, and keyword optimization, many are left to wonder just how much their efforts are paying off.

To help you assess whether your own website’s content is paying off or in need of improvement, here are several important website metric components, as outlined by the Colorado SEO Blog:

– Unique web pages indexed in Google Search Engine.
– Number of web pages viewed on your website daily.
– Keywords that delivered your search engine traffic.
– Referrers or sites that generated the inbound traffic.
– 404 errors for pages that can’t render in web browsers.
– Types of browsers people are using to find you such as Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer.
– Number of Incoming Links coming into your home page and internal web pages (They recommend the tool for Competitive Link Intelligence identification).
– In addition, pay attention to how many unique domains are linking to you from unique C-block servers.
-Word count or quantity of words per page, number of header tags, alt-tags, and images per web page.
– Text to Code Ratio.
– Most popular web page on your site with the most highly traveled site hits.
–  Countries that generate traffic to you. Obviously you want traffic where you conduct sales and business operations.
– How many times to website visitors return to your website, and exactly how long is the average visit or stay?
– What is the bounce rate where people come to your site and leave immediately?
– How frequently is your site spidered, crawled, or visited by search engine spiders such as Google or the Microsoft/Bing spider?
– What is your exact Alexa rank?
– How do you compare with other Colorado SEO sites that have actively engaged in hiring Expert SEO Advice?
– Does your business website have diversified bookmarks in sites such as

What are some metrics that your company utilizes to measure SEO success?