listening dog


Is that song stuck in your head now? Sorry about that. But when you think of your business and the messages you are sending, through email, advertising, social media, and even imagery, is your point being made? Does your client hear what you want them to hear? Consistency of message is key. The old phrase, “It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.”, is so true but I’d like to add WHERE and WHEN to that old phrase too.


HOW do you speak to your audience, what tools do you use?

Maybe it’s a simple change of positioning your message to be engaging vs. educating. Ask them questions. Find out what they need. Have them educate you. It may surprise you how many potential clients turn actual clients once they are engaged in communicating WITH you.


WHERE do you speak to your audience, are you where they are?

Social media has broadened the horizons of the word “where”. “Where” can be anywhere. But social media has allowed “anywhere” to reach the masses EVERYWHERE.


WHEN do you speak to your audience, are you consistent with reaching out to them often?

Timing is everything, as they say. In our easily distracted times, repetition is necessary. It’s OK to reach out to the same audience with the same message. Reminders are welcomed in this day and age.


After you ask yourself these questions, you’ll be better prepared and you’ll have insight to really know if your message is being heard and what changes you can make.