The Tooth Fairy Icon

An illustration of a Strong and Happy Tooth


Reflecting back on the time when I penned my first note from the Tooth Fairy to the very excited 6 year old in our house, to the time when I penned my first note from Santa Clause thanking a tiny tot for the delicious cookies and milk, it came to me…I tried so hard, and still do, to make the Tooth Fairy’s penmanship very different from Santa Clause’s. It’s a part of the magic. And when your child keeps the notes from the Tooth Fairy and Santa Clause, they can be compared side by side and for a very discerning kiddo, the gig could be up if you’re not careful. What does this mean for business? Well, think of penmanship from the Tooth Fairy to be her logo. It’s what she leaves behind for you to remember her by, that and crisp dollar bill of course.

Is your logo unique? Does it stand out from other similar competitors? If the Tooth Fairy and Santa Clause had the same penmanship, the only way their notes can tell us who they are from is by reading their signed name. At a glance your logo should show who you are and be recognizable as yours. Do you have a unique logo that does this and stands out from the crowd? Your logo is more commonly seen than any other company related item and it supports your brand identity. What does your logo say about you? Maybe it’s time to take a look at your branding strategy and see if your logo is inline with your goals for how you want your company to be remembered.