Although words are important, it’s a fact that human beings are much more attuned to visual communication. That’s why your brand identity—or logo—is so critical. A well-crafted logo can transcend words, drawing a person in and resonating with them in both thoughts and feelings. Other than your brand name, it is typically your first and most impactful communication with your target market.

So, when you hire someone to design your logo, you’re hiring much more than a graphic designer; you’re hiring experts who understand marketing strategy, your business, and your goals, and can capture it all visually. At id8, we create impactful, award-winning brand identities that paint a vivid picture of who you are, while compelling your target market to find out more about you.

The key to a strong brand identity is ensuring it ties in with your brand position. When we begin the process of developing your brand identity, we make sure we understand everything about your brand—not only what you do or sell, but also your brand’s personality and what sets you apart from the competition. We also want to understand your target audience, what they’re attracted to, and what turns them off. We consider colors, graphics, fonts, and all the other building blocks to create a logo that tells your market who you are in a way that will resonate.

With the logo in place, we build the supporting tools, including the overall look and feel that will carry through all of your visual communications, from letterhead to website to a digital marketing plan. We can also create brand standards and a style guide, which will help you maintain consistency in how your brand identity is used, from brand launch to growth.

Take a moment to browse through some examples of brand identities, commonly called logo designs, we have created, and contact us to discuss how we can create a unique, compelling brand identity for your company, product, or service.

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