Packaging design for Inland Market Seafood Tortas.

How does a potential customer choose a product amongst all the choices on a crowded shelf? They go in part by aesthetics…what looks the best. The goal of packaging design is to grab attention away from the competition; it’s a golden opportunity to make a first impression and truly stand out. At id8, we have over a decade of experience designing packaging that jumps off the shelf. We have designed packaging of all types, from coffee bags and frozen dinners to hair care products and take-out containers—pouches, bags, cans, jars, boxes, bottles, and more.

Packaging design for Pan Grilled Seafood.

See how id8 partnered with Strength of Nature to develop new packaging for a new line of haircare products.

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Learn about our shelf audit which is in the discovery phase of a packaging design project.

Packaging design for Wahl Prolithium and Super Taper.