Does your website leave a lasting impression on your target audience? Are your web design and content at their very best?

Most websites are forgettable. Many follow simple templates and provide only the most basic of information. Often, websites are born into the current design trend and then sit, stagnant, for years to come. The impression a Wow Factor site should leave is one of value, impact, and expertise.

When a consumer has chosen to navigate to a website, they have a tremendous amount of potential to become a customer. Grabbing attention, keeping attention, and satisfying the consumer’s informational needs is vital.

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Content matters.

Serve up the information! A customer chooses to visit a business website based on a search, interesting link, word of mouth, or advertising. They visit to obtain more information. The website’s key duty is to provide relevant information simply and clearly to the people who seek it.  A web site should also serve as one of many touch points for consumer communication. Consumer desire for business-to-consumer communication has evolved, and relationship matters.  In order to entice a potential customer to interact, the web design should communicate clearly and effectively. This includes being easy to read; design elements, including typeface, can make or break the wow factor of a site.

Users want a friendly experience.

User friendliness now includes experience on multiple devices. Consumers seek digital information on desktop and laptop computers, mobile phones, and tablets. In 2014, hours on mobile devices (including tablet and smartphone) exceeded hours on desktop and laptop computers. Mobile time is at least 51% of total connected time today. A web design that is not mobile friendly should be revised with responsive design.

Intuitiveness is important! As consumers navigate into a website, they have a pleasant experience when the layout, web design, and information make sense. An intuitive web design is one where the user can find and accomplish everything they intend without stopping to think or search. A website should always support any customer’s intent to purchase a product, connect, or obtain more information. What will your customers want to do? Buy the product? Ask a question? Get a quote? A clear call-to-action allows a website visitor to continue down the path of the buying process.

Web design is more than just a pretty face.

Businesses should strive for websites that Wow their target audience with inspiring content, a modern responsive design, and an intuitive user experience.

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