Seafood packaging, like all food product packaging, must blend function with design. However, packaged seafood has its own unique challenges. The category can be intimidating to consumers, who may not feel comfortable deciding which variety to choose. Alternatively, they may have concerns about food safety. Seafood packaging must sell the product with freshness and make the product approachable. seafood packaging design

Functional considerations for seafood packaging

In order for seafood packaging to function properly, it must:

  • Protect the product from damage
  • Retain the benefits of food processing
  • Extend shelf life
  • Be tamper-evident
  • Maintain the food’s true flavor
  • Retain the food’s color
  • Display proper labeling

In addition, food packaging is trending towards better sustainability to match consumers’ heightened awareness and demand.

Graphic design for seafood packaging

id8 brought a new luxury seafood brand to life through packaging design for Woodsmoke Provisions. The task was to create a new identity, synonymous with fine smoked seafood. We created a black and gold color palette with a rich look that stands out in the category. As a result, the brand has experienced success. Costco introduced the product line in 2015, and two additional flavors are now available. id8 also designed packaging for the flavor extensions.

packaging design seafood

Considerations for seafood design include:

  • Visual appeal
  • Recognizable brand identity
  • Enhancement of the brand image
  • Differentiation from other brands
  • An inviting touch-and-feel experience

Our id8 graphic design team in the Atlanta, Georgia area offers functional and attractive designs for packaged foods and goods. Contact id8 to discuss how we can lead your brand to its next success.