Building brand identity for your business is a process. id8’s proven success in branding and high-end corporate rebranding includes three phases: 1. Discovery, 2. Creative, and 3. Execution. execution of brand identity

Four fundamental steps to execute a new brand identity

Every time people interact with your brand there is an opportunity to create a memorable impression. So, how do we transform discovery insights and creative ideas into a meaningful brand identity?

Publish the brand style guide

A brand style guide is the document that describes and defines how your brand looks and sounds across all media. It must clearly define visual and content rules around your presence. The style guide provides guidance for all consumer touchpoints. It includes rules on logo usage, colors, typography, tone of voice, and more.

Create marketing materials

Marketing materials include printed collateral, your company website, social media presence, and digital advertising. Our id8 team develops all of the pieces needed to market our clients’ brands successfully and consistently, with a voice that presents the best of your brand.

Establish digital presence

Your company website is the cornerstone of your digital presence, but there are additional must-haves to get the most out of your website. For example, search engine optimization and management drive more prospects through search. Analytics intelligence provides the ability to view, interpret, and act on website data. Additionally, social media management and digital advertising help to tell your brand story to your defined target audience.

Present the brand identity and train staff

Several employees are likely to touch your brand before content is delivered to the public. Therefore, it is necessary to present the new brand identity to all of your employees and train them on the rules. Once a brand style guide is in place, every person in your company should understand what the brand represents and how to implement it in the work they do.


id8’s proprietary process helps clients to translate their brand vision and meaningfully connect with their customers. We can serve all of your marketing needs – including brand identity development, communications, advertising, packaging design, information architecture and website design. Contact id8 to discuss your needs. Let’s have lunch!