Restoration services are utilized when a building has experienced a catastrophe, such as a fire or flood. Casey Clark, owner of Capital Restoration, came to id8 needing help with clarity. Although Casey was known for his restoration work, his brand had little awareness in the industry. He needed help creating a clear message, a memorable brand, and marketing tools such as business cards, vehicle wraps, and t-shirts that would be seen and remembered as confident and trustworthy.


The id8 team came up with the tagline, “We Build New Days”, because it speaks to how life moves on after a catastrophe. The arrow in the logo represents moving beyond the tragedy and back into the space to get on with life or business, and the use of blue and yellow reflect the strength and trust Capital Restoration instills in their customers.

When we decided to launch our rebranding initiative we came across Kriston Sellier and id8 right in our backyard on the Marietta Square.  We were immediately impressed by id8’s professionalism as well as their ability to merge our ideas into a creative design that matched our aspirations. 

We were so pleased with the results that we have expanded our partnership with id8 to include our branding, website, marketing materials, and marketing strategies.
— Casey Clark, Capital Restoration

The new branding has been utilized in a marketing campaign with great success, reaching their target market. More importantly, the company and all their employees are proud to wear the new Capital Restoration brand on their shirts as they go to work at job sites. This new branding has created confidence and excitement and has supported the growth of the company this year and for years to come.

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