Carman Adventist School is a private Christian school serving the greater Marietta and Atlanta areas with the goal of increasing its enrollment. Enrollment was down, but the school didn’t know what to do. Was marketing the answer? And could they afford it?

After an initial analysis, id8 determined strong branding and positioning was needed, but it discovered another problem: The school was located on a heavily trafficked road—but hidden by a hill of kudzu—so no one knew it was there. Recognizing the huge potential of gaining brand impressions from street traffic, id8 recommended that the first task after creating a new brand for the school would be to design a large, bright, permanent outdoor sign and directional signs into the school that would be easily seen from the street.

“id8’s creativity and ability to quickly understand who we are, helped us move forward with our enrollment goals faster than we imagined – we had a 25% enrollment increase from last school year till this year. Thanks id8 for your expertise!”

- Beverly Amlaner, Principal

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