Joe's Gourmet Intro


Many of our clients return to us for new projects, sometimes years after completing the last, and Joe’s Gourmet is one of them.

Over 5 years ago, Joe’s Gourmet came to id8 to design the award-winning package for their new Joe’s Fish Fry product. In January 2018, owners Joe Dowell and wife, Miranda, had the opportunity to present their fish fry during an episode of Shark Tank. Daymond John loved them, the packaging, and the taste of the product, and offered $150,000 for 25 percent of the company, and they gladly accepted.

Joe's Gourmet Package Artwork Stage

Joe’s popularity has since skyrocketed, and their customers have now demanded a gluten-free option. id8 was honored that Joe’s Gourmet reached out to work with them again to create the new packaging.

Joe's Gourmet Original Package

Working with Joe’s Gourmet to collaborate on ideas and direction, id8 used the colors from the existing Joe’s Gourmet Fish Fry package and refreshed them to a more vibrant neon green and bright yellow to stand out among other health foods on the shelves. The new packaging is currently in production and will be on shelves in the very near future.

id8 won an award for the original Joe’s Gourmet Package design in 2011 (along with nine other awards!)

The Joe’s team was featured on ABC’s Shark Tank and displayed the original Joe’s Gourmet Fish Fry packaging.

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