PTI id8 Branding


PTI is a global leader in access control security solutions for the self-storage industry, owning over 70% of the market share. PTI partnered with id8 to create an identity that captured their reputation of being the most trusted name in security and new technology for the self-storage industry.

PTI id8Branding Logo

id8’s goal was to help build a cohesive brand that embodied PTI’s innovation in security, appealing to the self-storage audience while enabling PTI to stand out from a sea of red and blue. With the introduction of several new technology products, id8 also helped provide the strategic framework to guide future product innovations.

PTI id8Branding Flyer
PTI id8Branding Website

PTI’s brand provides cohesive communication to all marketing touchpoints, including product videos, tradeshow materials, and sales materials.

Since rebranding, PTI has seen growth in the demand for their new product offerings, and has been able to enhance customer experiences at all connected facilities.

PTI id8 Branding Tradeshow

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