LifeTrac Intro


When LifeTrac initially reached out to id8, they needed help moving the company’s brand focus from being an organ transplant network to an organization that provides organ failure solutions. They needed help to create a brand that could expand to organ-specific solutions.

We recommended sub-branding their offerings as “Tracs.” The branding strategy needed to be descriptive, extendable, flexible, and simple, enabling them to grow and offer more Tracs in the future while retaining the overall consistency.


id8 designed a friendly, clean identity that is sophisticated while reflecting their values. The blossom, a representation of renewal and clarity, uses the existing LifeTrac orange to maintain their brand equity, and the rounded typeface emphasizes their welcoming and approachable culture.

The identity supports the Tracs sub-brand system by using the blossom, and incorporates different colors to distinguish between the multiple Tracs. This system created consistency while maintaining the diversity between each division.

Folder and Sale Sheets

As we created the sub-brand system, we saw a need for updating positioning and messaging that successfully communicated who LifeTrac was, what they offered, and why they were important. The resulting tone and style of their messaging reflected the friendly culture and personality of the company.

Tradeshow Banner

We updated their marketing materials, including a folder and sales sheets, to include the new identity and messaging. Their website needed to reflect the changes, and id8 created webpage designs that matched the new brand identity. LifeTrac’s talented team is currently in the process of implementing these changes and successfully adding to their new branding system.

Website Homepage

Since the successful rebrand, LifeTrac’s personality is now communicated as warm, welcoming, and memorable. Their identity provides comfort for their audience in a time of need. The colors are vibrant, reflecting the purpose of a company that supports saving lives. They are confident in their opportunity for growth and continue to be a trusted resource for the healthcare benefits industry offering organ failure solutions.

Conference Room Installation

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