Header image showing branded box and stating Spectra Gutter Systems: Manufacturing rebrand facilitates national expansion


Spectra Metal Sales, the nation’s leading manufacturer of rainware andgutter solutions, had a misleading name that did not reflect their trueposition in the marketplace, so they engaged id8 to get brand clarity. id8 sharpened Spectra’s messaging and created a new identitythat successfully positioned them as the industry leader withthe name Spectra Gutter Systems. One of id8’s objectives was to create a brand experience for consumersand contractors alike by telling their brand story of being family operated, veteran owned, and American-made.

Spectra Gutter Systems Business Cards and Letterhead on Red Background
Spectra Gutter Systems T-Shirt and Portion of the Showroom Wall on a Red Background

Together with id8, Spectra Gutter Systems has successfully established a new, unified brand on which they can buildand grow for years to come.

Spectra Gutter Systems Tractor Trailer Truck Driving Along Road with Spectra Mark Overlaid on the Image

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