Tommy Nobis Center, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering people through employment, was established over 40 years ago. They’ve helped countless people achieve success and reach their goals. Their problem, however, laid in their lack of brand awareness in the community.

When id8 started the project, Tommy Nobis Center was known as “Nobis Works.” The organization had changed its name from Tommy Nobis Center to “Nobis Works” in 2011 to incorporate other services they offered. This change in name and identity was stifling the growth of the organization due to lack of marketing and overall unacceptance from their stakeholders.

With this initial information, we immersed ourselves in the brand, conducting research analysis, netnography, workshops and interviews with participants and stakeholders alike. We researched and gathered all we could about the community and their perceptions of “Nobis Works,” using everything from social media to in-person interviews. Along with our initial research on the inconsistencies of the brand, we discovered most people were unaware of what “Nobis Works” meant and noticed the vast differences on perception.

After thorough interviews and workshops with participants and stakeholders, it was evident that most people still referred to the organization as “Tommy Nobis Center,” which then sparked the decision to change the name back. This change also aligned with the overall feelings evoked by the organization regarding honoring co-founder Tommy Nobis, who unfortunately passed away in the midst of the project. This tragic event further enforced the decision to change the name back.

id8 updated collateral pieces, created consistent positioning and messaging, which gave the brand equity, and developed a brand standards guide that included a refreshed logo and outlined their positioning and messaging.

The name Tommy Nobis Center is now widely accepted by everyone, and there is an awareness on the meaning of the name and why the change was important. Tommy Nobis’ name has been honored and leaves a legacy within the organization. They are now unified with consistent positioning, messaging, an identifiable logo, and an overall excitement for the brand.

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