Each project begins by understanding you and your branding needs. Your success is our number one priority. If we thoroughly understand your needs and goals, we can help build a brand that achieves those goals successfully. We assess your competitors, your target audience, and your current challenges in the marketplace. Then we apply ideation, experience, and unique branding strategies to create ideas that help you win with values and profits.

discoveryIn the Discovery phase, we will immerse ourselves in your brand through meetings, research of your competition, and understanding your audience. At the end of the Discovery phase, we will have visual directions that will guide in the Creative phase.

creativeDuring the Creative phase, id8 will provide an experienced design team to take the information and goals and turn that into a visual approach. We will creatively develop graphic elements that will speak to the various audience segments.

executionThe Execution phase is the final stage of the process. Once we have collaborated with you and integrated your feedback into the concepts, we will move into completion. This will result in the creation of all final deliverables outlined in the project scope.

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