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Girl Holding Trophy

id8 is still doing idGREAT on Clutch!

Hot chocolate on a cold day, finishing your holiday shopping, and snuggling with a dog – we all have a list of things that make us feel great at the end of the year. id8 is like everyone else, we’ve…
in store product placement

How in-store product placement influences purchases

When it comes to retail, product placement plays an important role in sales. The store environment influences buyers even more than many of us realize. Research shows that consumers make two-thirds of their brand decisions in the store. And younger…
industrial B2B for modern buyers

As old-school ways fade, industrial b2b marketers must focus on these necessities

In a prior blog post, Do manufacturing and industrial companies need branding?, we discussed the importance of brand strategy for manufacturing and industrial B2B brands. The marketplace is often crowded for these types of businesses, and the landscape of buyers…
id8 Receives Rare Recognition

id8 Receives Rare Recognition

  There are certainly some industry tips and tricks that can bolster your brand. Well-known ideas and trends really are useful and often signal important changes, but they do not differentiate between firms. Who is Clutch? Clutch, the B2B ratings…
execution of brand identity

Execution of your new brand identity

Building brand identity for your business is a process. id8’s proven success in branding and high-end corporate rebranding includes three phases: 1. Discovery, 2. Creative, and 3. Execution. Four fundamental steps to execute a new brand identity Every time people…