Being found (and findable) online is more important than ever. At id8, we offer a variety of digital advertising services to support reaching your audience where they are and at the right time. Read more about four types of digital ads that we create, develop, and measure.

Digital Advertisements

Our digital advertising services span many channels, including email, display ads, mobile advertising, SEM, and paid social ads. And our expert design team is experienced at creating digital advertisements that work. We create compelling designs, custom imagery, motion graphics, videos, and concise messaging. Our design team can help you reach larger audiences in real time to drive sales.

Digital Ad Strategy

At id8, we are ready to develop the foundation of your digital ad strategy. Based on your goals, we will create customer personas for your campaigns. We use our intimate understanding of branding to help you connect with your customers on an emotional level. We use cross-channel methods for acquisition, nurturing, and building customer loyalty.

Digital Ad Types and Ad Design

We are ready to help you understand the differences between pay-per-click (PPC), display, and social ads, as well as the benefits and best practices for each. We write relevant ad copy, headlines, lead generation forms, and calls-to-action (CTAs). Also, we create relevant imagery-focused content, including videos, banners, pop-ups, and mobile ads.

Digital Ad Landing Pages

We use a proven process for designing landing pages. They are straight to the point with minimal options to keep the customer on the form and fulfilling its completion. If the landing page doesn’t resonate with your audience, they will leave. We optimize the forms, ads, and landing page design for each platform, then set lead generation and social media goals to ensure that all of the results are measurable.

We merge our knowledge of traditional advertising and digital advertising to give your brand an advantage over firms that have a singular focus on digital-only. We understand that most people need multiple impressions to recall the ad and make a buying decision. Many times, our ad strategies include a custom combination of both advertising methods to best reach the customer.

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