id8 defines Corporate Identity as the application of your brand onto materials and mediums that are seen every day. Traditional corporate identity meant how your company (corporate) was identified (identity).


Identity is realized through sight with words, size, color(s), font, style, graphics, and photography. Identity is also realized through smell (Cinnabon), taste (Auntie Anne’s Pretzel), sound (Ice Cream Truck), and touch (a glass bottle of Coca-Cola).

The strongest identities utilize the majority of human senses. For example, when staying at the Westin, the clean smell of white tea fills your lungs, gleaming wooden floors and wide-open space floods your vision, a soft whisper of piano and nature sounds reach your ears when you walk into the lobby, the plush Heavenly bed is so soft it feels like you are resting on a cloud, and at night the vibrant chilled sangria tastes so sweet and fruity. Through a strategic focus on senses, Westin has created a brand that is remembered for years and has a clear wellness position in hospitality and in the hearts of their guests.

Stationery Set

Effective communication can help foster a good working relationship with your internal team and also with your customers. At id8, we design sophisticated, branded letterheads and take into consideration both the front and back of the page. It’s an opportunity to really differentiate your brand. For business cards, we explore unique sizes, shapes, and finishes. In fact, the more distinctive the features of your business card are, like paper texture or ink, the more likely your business card will be recalled. The traditional envelope is a #10 envelope and we explore various flap styles, construction, and seals. An envelope can be converted which means you can print across folds and create a bold representation for your brand.

Textured Paper Stands Out in Corporate Identity

Paper selection is a key method to stand out. Some of our favorite textures, finishes, and colors come from Neenah, Mohawk, and French Paper. The paper itself changes the way the color prints—paper with texture and tooth, like the felt paper Mohawk Carnival plus Via, creates additional memories because it feels different than a smooth coated paper, which is very common.

Pantone Spot Colors

Custom colors can be selected from the only global professional design color system, Pantone. Curating a specific shade of red, for example, can make the brand synonymous with that color, and that helps people remember the brand. Coca-Cola has proven that they own Pantone 484. The color orange at your favorite Home Depot store is a specific Pantone color, meaning that every time they print, it’s the same, precise shade of orange; Pantone 165. That creates consistency and builds the brand.

Digital Corporate Identity

A letterhead, business card, and envelope were the cornerstones of corporate identities until the 1990s when the internet became mainstream. These elements remain essential to corporate communications, however, there are now other ways that the brand is seen regularly. These current brand impressions are more important than ever, including your company’s email signature, website, social media channels, video, and sales presentations.

Digital and traditional corporate identity pieces to consider for your brand:
• Business Card
• Email Signature
• Letterhead
• Sales Presentation
• Envelope
• Apparel
• Notecard
• Website
• Label
• Storefront Sign
• Packaging
• Vehicle Signage


id8 takes the branding elements—colors, fonts, style, and iconography—to create a consistent and custom corporate identity set that is memorable. For our clients, we explore multiple design layouts, finishes, die lines, and color combinations. We present two initial concepts and then collaborate through several rounds of changes. We work together with our clients to achieve an individualized corporate identity set that brings joy when people see it.

id8’s proprietary process to create a corporate identity helps organizations translate their brand vision and meaningfully connect with their customers. Let’s connect today.

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