The name id8 is based off of the word “ideate” which means to create, innovate and come up with new ideas.


It is the fundamental core of our business and was the way to plant our agency firmly in the South as a firm that would embrace change and help businesses grow through strategy and creativity.

id8 is the ideal solution for mid-sized companies looking to maximize the impact of your marketing spend by relying on research-driven communication programs with provable results.

When Branding Needs Arise

We have found that branding needs arise from five different places:
1. Lack of Clarity
2. A Change in Vision
3. New Product Offering
4. Merger or Acquisition
5. A shift in Product/Service

We can help you align the company from a place of inconsistency or change through our guided branding process.

Brand Identity

The brand identity is a symbol for your organization. A brand identity is called many things—a logo, a mark, a brand, or an identity. A successful brand identity (logo) represents what you stand for and builds an emotional connection with your company as a whole and your customers. At id8, we pay thoughtful attention and focused time to understand your organization, culture, customers, and business goals. Once we immerse ourselves in that purpose, our creative directors and graphic designers begin creating sketches and concepts to solve the problem–how do we create one mark that represents this organization that has so much diversity in people, offerings, process, and systems?

Founded in 2000, id8 is an award-winning branding agency located in the heart of Marietta, Georgia, recognized for developing conceptual brand experiences based on customer experience and sound strategic planning.

id8’s proprietary process helps clients to translate their brand vision and meaningfully connect with their customers. We would love the opportunity to work with you on your brand identity. Let’s talk!

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