To maintain brand consistency, a digital portal gives employees and partners convenient, on-demand access to branded marketing materials.


Maintain Brand Consistency

As a small, but mighty, marketing team, it’s hard to maintain brand consistency and stop offenders from creating off-brand presentations. A digital asset portal may help you keep your sanity, cut back on daily requests, and maintain your brand all at the same time.

The digital asset portal (library) can include the following features:

• A custom, responsive WordPress site where your brand’s digital asset library will be built (login page, assets page, style guide page).

• WordPress permissions (or similar module) will be used to manage access—including a plugin that will allow for uploading and downloading of files, preventing direct downloads of materials.

• Each client/vendor is set up with a unique username/password, which would allow them access (username online management); the internal team can administer login information, set access levels, and manage database functionality.

• Secure portal (password-protected) to be used by vendors to locate and download various brand assets.

• Files that would generally be included: Brand Guidelines Document, Logos, and Icon in various file formats, fonts, colors.

• File formats may include: .zip, PDF, .jpg, .eps, .ai, .indd, and .doc files.

• WordPress setup, configuration, testing, project management, and training on how to use the platform.

• Deployment of the project to hosting (if it is Windows-based, the client will manage deployment).

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