We offer website management services for websites that id8 has designed and developed. Just like a physical property, a website needs to be maintained.


Our id8 service for website management protects your website from vulnerabilities, quickly finds and fixes broken links, updates pictures, and more.

id8 has been designing websites since 2000 and we have witnessed many website horror stories. Clients have come to us with problems ranging from theft of Getty Images, to deleting websites, to a virus that won’t go away. It seems like we have seen it all. Because of those website horror stories, we created a process to protect your website investment so you can focus on your business and your expertise, not maintaining your website.

Monthly website maintenance and updates

Our premium website management (website maintenance) includes the following services:

id8 provides security updates, plugin updates, reviews the website for performance issues, and scans the website for broken pages and links.

id8 will fix broken pages, broken links, and broken graphics.

Daily, we create a safe, offsite website file backup in case the website does become at risk.

A performance report is delivered monthly which also includes a thorough website analytics review.

WordFence Premium is installed in the first month of taking over your website management.

WordFence alerts the technical team at id8 of suspicious activity, such as hacker attempts, as it happens in real-time. It includes the ability to block IP addresses and countries launching cyber-attacks.

If a website hack was successful, id8 will assess the issue, create a solution plan, and provide an estimate of costs for removal of malware from your website.

Your SSL (Secure Certificate License) is maintained and renewed to avoid any inadvertent shutdowns.

We include a service for increased website performance that caches your site globally which is activated when the hosting company takes the site offline during a malicious attack.

Twelve hours of website updates which give you the opportunity to send us small site updates and know they will be completed within two business days.

Renewals of plugins, themes, and licenses so your site avoids any downtime.

Would you like some help not only maintaining your website but with a website redesign? Give us a call so we can assess your website and then help you protect your online presence.

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