There are many types of research we perform for clients. At id8, we perform brand research, meta research, netnography, and audits internally.

Example of Research findings

When market research is needed, the type of research is dictated by the outcomes our clients are looking for. Because our research scope is so varied, we partner with specialty research consultants to help us uncover insights specific to that need. Our certified and experienced partners help with qualitative and quantitative research including surveys, moderated focus groups, interviews, testing, and analysis. A few types of market research are as follows:

TAM Analysis

id8 is experienced in providing a TAM analysis. TAM stands for Total Addressable Market, and it is an excellent metric tool. Most startups grow from a great idea—or, what seems like a great idea to the founders. But how many other people might be interested? That’s an important question to ask and answer through a TAM analysis because it helps the founder to know their growth potential.

Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis is an in-depth look at your competition in the marketplace to understand how much of the market each owns, the trends of the market, and how each of the companies are positioning themselves. The outcome is delivered in a comparative matrix and many times reveals a window of opportunity for your organization.

Based on the information gathered during a focus group, many times a value proposition can be written using the input that customers communicated during the focus group study. Certain patterns will be heard, specific attributes will be seen, and emotional responses are calculated, as well as perceptions based on look alone without even using or trying the product. This data is analyzed and similar values rise to the top as to how your particular product stands apart from the rest.

Customer Personas

Persona development, also called customer personas, is a research-driven and data-driven task that segments your customers into similar groups of people. Those groups of people are found to have similar demographics and psychographics. And with further refinement, we start to understand more about them — like if they take the bus or drive a sedan, or if they spend their weekend hiking the Appalachian Trail or attending every SEC football game with their season tickets. These personas are then used to create successful marketing campaigns designed to reach this very focused customer group.

In today’s world, surveys are usually online. The most successful surveys are given by a third party and keep all of the answers and responses anonymous. Surveys help reach a greater amount of people and deliver data that supports focus groups or personas.

Research is a critical component of brand building. Without research, anecdotal evidence may be what is used, however, it isn’t a trustworthy form of data. It’s like guessing on your construction documents and building a house that crumbles. At id8, we believe that the strategy and art come together and form design solutions for problems plaguing an organization. We deliver the most value so organizations can grow, gain clarity, or launch. And the more strategic our approach, supported by research and data, the better the outcomes will be for you.

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