id8 recognizes the importance of ensuring your brand identity guidelines extend into all of your marketing materials—both for your overall corporation and for business units within your organization.


Browse our marketing and communications services below including research, strategy, materials, or presentations.

PowerPoint Templates

Branded PowerPoint templates are very useful to your sales team and keep the team on brand, ensuring they’re not using off-brand colors, fonts, or ugly charts. At id8, we can set up a 10-page PowerPoint or a 35-page PowerPoint template. The set-up is flexible based on the knowledge and skills of the team that will be using it.

We adapt our design to fit your needs. Some of our clients prefer a master slide set-up so that they can pick a cover, pick a background slide, and customize the presentation. Others prefer a set 10 slides with custom icons, custom infographics, and cropped photography that delivers a sophisticated look. Overall, the PowerPoint should utilize the brand colors, fonts, and style to create consistency of your brand in a sales presentation. id8 uses special transitions and incorporates video and interactivity into slide presentations to keep the attention of your prospect.

Sales Sheets

In addition to PowerPoint, we also have extensive experience creating sales sheets. Sales sheets are usually two-sided, with the first side having an impactful message focused on the benefits your organization can offer, and the backside can be customized for specific events. If it is used at an event, it may have a chart with specific pricing or sizes or a special offer for the show. It communicates how to buy your product or service, or communicates additional information about how it works.

The sales sheet is best used when it takes a complex story or product and is able to create a concise message along with a visual that communicates the benefit without any words. This method speaks to both people who like to read and the people who like to look at the pictures.

Marketing Materials

id8 can also assist your business with these additional types of Marketing Materials:
• Presentation Folders
• Brochures
• Flyers
• Landing Pages
• Fillable PDFs
• How-To Videos
• Motion Graphics
• Hand-Shake Cards
• Mini Brochures
• Maps
• Booklets
• Digital Marketing
• Locator Maps

Every year, we are trying new things and coming up with new ways to market your organization. Let’s meet and we can share with you our locator map and a new mini-brochure.

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