id8 has extensive experience in developing a strategy to launch, build, and sustain organizations with a strong sense of purpose. Our belief is that a marketing strategy shouldn’t be something that gets put in a binder and left to get dusty sitting on the shelf for the next year. We create a simplified one-page (it’s 11×17) marketing strategy that defines objectives, goals, and tactics in an actionable way.

Customer Persona Example during Target Audience Segmentation Project by id8

Customer Personas

The marketing strategy can only begin once a thorough understanding of your audience segments has been created. The customer persona work is another service that id8 can bring your brand. This service delivers the audience demographics, psychographics, and wants/needs.

Marketing Strategy

Because we focus on branding and rebranding, our marketing strategies are focused on change and how best to gain ambassadors. For example, your marketing strategy should initially focus on your main sales team—your employees. They are already supporting you and can be your most powerful brand launching team. By following our marketing strategy, you’ll also gain brand advocates. That’s one of the many obstacles we help you through in the brand strategy.

Marketing and Communications

We are dedicated to creating a repeatable marketing and communications strategy for launching a new brand or a rebrand of an established organization. id8 defines objectives, goals, and specific tactics for six months prior to the launch through six months post-launch (a one-year period). Our plan and tactics address both the internal and external audiences with a strategy for how, when, and with whom to communicate. We define how to boost and magnify brand values through local community activities (volunteering, educating, donating, and sponsoring).

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