The best sales presentation isn’t really a presentation. It is a great conversation that converts a prospect into a customer.

Sales presentation shown in a laptop monitor for docsnap, a new healthcare technology to give you access to your important healthcare family documents on your phone

When prepping for a sales opportunity, it’s comfortable to have a professional sales presentation where your marketing team can customize it for each client.

First, id8 will start by making a sales presentation that is compelling to your audience. We leave spaces to allow your team to customize the presentation so that the prospect will feel like it was made only for them. We review your past presentations to better understand what you are currently using. Then, we listen and ask questions to understand the goals you have when you present.

Tailored PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint has received a bad rap over the years, but it’s still a great tool when used correctly. We design presentations in PowerPoint as well as other popular programs like Prezi, Google Slides, and Keynote. Do you have a different platform? Contact us and ask if we have experience with that platform. We’ll be honest and let you know our actual experience working with it.

An Agile Presentation

We curate the words and images on the slides so they support what you are saying, but keep in mind, during a presentation you are not reading the slide word for word. Our design and layout will help you be agile because every sales presentation is different. Interactivity, motion graphics, and transitions are added to keep the experience interesting. We recommend that you condense and trim long content because slides with a lot of detail are too constricting.

Is your sales presentation closing deals? The experts at id8 create inspiring sales tools designed to engage prospects and get results. We love to think of creative, compelling ways to tell your brand story. Let’s talk.

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