Product testing, typically conducted through focus groups, will help you understand your customers’ reactions to your product so you know what is working well and what might need to be reevaluated. We seek individuals for the product test who meet our criteria for your target customer.

Image of a young professional at his computer doing an online focus group testing the 28 Black Energy Drink Products

When product testing research is needed, the type of research is dictated by the type of product. The product could fall into a wide variety of categories, including food, drink, bath and body, hair care, or a tool. Because our research is so varied, we partner with specialty research consultants to help us uncover insights in their specialty industry. Our certified and experienced partners help with qualitative and quantitative research including product testing.

Focus Groups

Product testing typically takes the form of focus groups. First of all, we start with an understanding of the customer we are looking to better understand. With this highly targeted approach, we seek individuals who meet our criteria and are interested in participating in a focus group about this product.


A set number of people are given your product to try. Then, during the focus group session, they are asked a series of questions about their experience with the product. The focus group could have up to 10 people and may last for two hours. We supply a moderator, questions, products, and way to respond in both written and verbal formats.

Data Analysis

Based on the information gathered during the focus group, a value proposition can be written to understand what value the group members believe the product delivers. We also evaluate packaging design during product testing. A detailed Q&A and discussion happens around the logo, the product name, imagery, style, organization, colors, and fonts. Certain patterns will be heard, specific attributes will be seen, and emotional responses are calculated as well as perceptions. This data is then analyzed and similar values rise to the top for how your particular product stands apart from the rest.

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