To ensure your packaging design pops off the shelf and stands out from your competition, at id8 we begin with research. That research offers a foundation so that you can see your challenges, what your competition is doing, and your window of opportunity.

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Our research includes a shelf audit to better understand your visual competition and placement, product research, focus groups, competitive analysis, TAM analysis, customer personas, surveys, structure, material, and printing feasibility. Here’s a brief explanation of some of the packaging design research services.

TAM Analysis

TAM stands for Total Addressable Market. Most startups start from inspiration—or, what seems like a great idea to the founders. But how many other people might be interested in their idea? That’s an important question to ask because it’s important to understand if there is a market for the product. TAM research includes historical revenue and sales from other products in that market. Some of the research is based on second- or third-party sources. It delivers trends for the market for the future. TAM is an excellent metric to look at when trying to gauge a new product’s growth potential.

Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis is an in-depth look at the competitive products in the marketplace to understand how much of the market each owns, the trends of the market, and how each of the companies are positioning themselves. The outcome is delivered in a comparative matrix and reveals their unique position in the hearts and minds of the consumer. It also delivers data on the visual strategy your competition has enlisted for how they communicate their brand name, product name, and product styling in illustration or photographs. The competitive analysis reveals a window of opportunity for your product.

Shelf Audit

We start with a trip to several stores where your product will be placed. During that trip, we look at shelf placement and competition. Online, we audit competitive products to see where they are selling. For both in-store and online we evaluate price points, sizes, and packaging format. Then, we analyze that information and look for patterns that will help us design packaging that will meet the requirements for the product (it has to be usable), yet is unique enough to set it apart. Lastly, a strategy is provided for moving forward. Learn more about shelf audits.

Focus Groups

Based on the information gathered during a focus group, many times a value proposition can be written based on the input that customers communicated during the focus group study. Certain patterns will be heard, specific attributes will be seen, and emotional responses are calculated, as well as perceptions based on look alone without even using or trying the product. This data is analyzed, and similar values rise to the top as to how this particular product stands apart from the rest.

Customer Personas

Persona development, also called customer personas, is a research-driven and data-driven task that segments your customers into similar groups of people. Those groups of people are based on having similar demographics and psychographics. And we take those groups and create a persona profile who represents that category. The persona includes wants, needs, priorities, and preferences, along with the methods for how to address their pain points and deliver a benefit they personally desire. If you would like to learn more, there is a page dedicated to how id8 creates customer personas.


We’re sure you have received an email requesting your input or been asked to complete a poll on Facebook. Surveys are typically done through email or social media. It’s often difficult for a business to get the truth by directly asking a customer how they feel about your service. Honest answers on surveys are more likely when they are conducted by a third-party, when the information is anonymous, and the person completing the survey isn’t given anything for their time. Surveys help reach a greater number of people and deliver data that supports focus groups or personas.


Research is a critical component of packaging design. Without research, anecdotal evidence may be used as a data foundation, however, it isn’t a strong form of data. At id8, we believe that in order to have packaging that is going to get your customer to pick it up and buy it the first time, research is where to start. Then, our design concepts are based on facts and are stronger than ever.

We deliver the most value to help your product be seen, understood quickly, and sell. And the more strategic our approach, the better the outcomes will be for you. Ask us how.

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